Welcome Letter

Dear Hickory Point Families

Welcome to a new school year. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child(ren). Our Hickory Point family is very lucky to have each and every one of their smiling faces with us every day!

The student handbook explains the policies and procedures of District 27 in general and more specifically those of Hickory Point. Policies and procedures are important, however, we believe if we maintain a respectful, responsible and kind environment, everything else follows smoothly.

It has been our experience at Hickory Point that parents send their children to school ready to learn. Because of the emphasis our parents place on education, our students have the positive attitude and enthusiasm that contributes to effective learning. Please continue to support this healthy relationship between home and school.

Hickory Point is fortunate to employ an excellent professional staff. The teachers create a learning environment that actively engages the children in their own education. Please continue to work closely with your child’s classroom teacher so together you can enhance your child’s growth.

Instead of governing the daily life of your child by rules and regulations we emphasize an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and kindness. When children have a healthy respect for themselves, one another, their teacher and the physical environment of the school disciplinary issues are minimal. Please continue to support us in developing and maintaining an environment of respect, responsibility and kindness at Hickory Point.


Dr. Maureen Deely

Lauren Weingarten
Assistant Principal