Support Services

Hickory Point School provides students with the supportive services of a Social Worker, Psychologist, Resource teachers, Reading Specialist, Speech and Language Pathologist, and Emergent Bilingual teacher. The functions of each of these individuals are as follows:

  1. Social Worker- The social worker meets with students individually, in pairs, or with groups when academic performance is impacted by social/emotional needs. The social worker is also available to parents for consultation regarding their child. The social worker helps students to solve problems that may be affecting their school performance. Students may refer themselves to the social worker or may be referred by a teacher, the principal or their parents.

  2. School Psychologist - Provides assessment to help determine learning strengths and needs of students. In addition, the school psychologist collaborates with staff and parents to problem-solve concerns. The psychologist also provides individual and group counseling for students.

  3. Resource Programs - The resource teacher helps provide various types of special instructional programs for students in consultation with the classroom teacher and other specialists. These programs offer learning assistance primarily in the areas of reading, language arts, and mathematics.

  4. Reading Specialist - The reading specialist, in consultation with the educational team, provides direct reading instruction to identified students.

  5. Speech and Language Pathologist - The speech pathologist is available as speech or language problems are detected by classroom teachers.

  6. Emergent Bilinguals - The purpose of this service is to assist children with bilingual background to acquire skill and competency with the English language. Direct support is given to students based on their current ability to demonstrate command of the English language. Students generally meet in small groups and receive support with their regular academic activities.

Parents are notified and must give written consent for their child(ren) to receive on going assistance from the resource teachers, social worker, speech pathologist, reading specialist, or Emergent Bilingual teacher.