Special Subjects and Student Programs

Students at Hickory Point receive instruction in library, physical education, music, and art twice weekly for 40 minutes. In addition, kindergarten students attend computers and dramatic play. The instruction is presented by specialists who provide opportunities for students to learn, express themselves and develop in ways not provided for in the regular classroom.

Children are required to wear gym shoes during physical education classes. An extra pair of gym-shoes may be kept in your child’s cubby.


Our school library has a great variety of materials to help students learn. These include a large collection of books, magazines, and other reference materials.

Students formally visit the library once a week to receive instruction on library skills and to check out books. A replacement fee is charged for books that are lost or damaged.


Laptops and iPads are used at Hickory Point to support the learning Process when appropriated. Technology is used in the classroom to enhance instruction. Hickory Point uses Apple-based technology. Classrooms often visit the Computer Lab to develop and apply technology skills. Our district’s technology plan focuses on helping our students become digital learners and develop 21st Century Learning Skills.

Student Programs

Throughout the school year, classrooms may have special presentations designed for parental attendance during the school day. Information regarding these programs will be shared in advance by the teacher.with you by your child’s teacher. If parents are unable to attend we do our best to have another adult from the school work with the child during this time.

First and second grade students have a music program that is held as an evening event lasting 30 to 40 minutes. The kindergarten music program takes place during the day. You are encouraged to attend these programs. Specific information pertaining to these performances will be sent home several weeks prior to the event.