Transportation and Safety

Bus Service

The Board of Education approves a contract with a single bus company to serve the entire School District 27 area during a school year. The contractual agreement is between the bus company and School District 27. Rates are set annually by the Board of Education and billings are sent directly to parents along with their regular registration fees. Only those students whose parents have paid the bus fee may ride our school buses. Bus passes must be kept in
student's backpacks at all times. Students may not ride any bus other than that to which they have been assigned. This means that children may not ride another bus for any reason. If special arrangements are needed they can be done privately. The office should be notified in writing if such arrangements have been made.

In the interest of safe and orderly transportation to and from school, the following bus rules
have been established:

  1. All students must arrive at the designated bus stops on time. Time schedules will not permit the bus to wait at a stop for students who are late.
  2. While waiting at the scheduled stops, students must remain in the loading zone areas or on the sidewalk. Students should not stand or run into the street.
  3. When boarding the bus, students should proceed to an empty seat. Students should sit in zones based on their grade level. Kindergarten in front, first grade in the middle and second grade in the back.
  4. All students must remain seated while the bus is in motion. Students are not allowed to change seats on the bus.
  5. At no time shall a student place any part of his or her body or throw any object out of an open window or in the bus aisle.
  6. Food or snacks may not be eaten on the bus.
  7. Conversations must happen in a normal speaking voice. Shouting, whistling, or fighting is not acceptable conduct. Such behavior is unsafe and will result in a disciplinary action.
  8. Students should obey all school rules on the bus.

The principal will be notified by the bus company if there are infractions of the above regulations. The school principal has the authority to remove a student from the bus for not following these regulations.

If at any time your child’s normal transportation pattern is altered, please be sure to contact the school office by phone or a note prior to 2:30 p.m.. If the office is not notified, your child will be required to use his/her standard transportation procedures. Children who have not signed up for regular bus transportation cannot ride the bus at any time.


Bicycles are considered as vehicles of transportation to and from school. The following rules,
as well as all “Illinois Rules of the Road” are to be followed:

  1. Bicycles should be walked on school property and when crossing intersections.
  2. Helmets are highly recommended.
  3. Bicycles are to be parked in and locked to the rack with a secure cable and lock in the assigned area as soon as students arrive at school.
  4. A student is to ride his or her own bicycle.
  5. The bicycle area is off limits at all times except when students are parking or leaving with their bicycles.
  6. Students are to obey all traffic signs and signals.
  7. Students should never carry a passenger on their bicycles.
  8. It is recommended that students carry all books in a backpack.
  9. Students are to ride their bicycles on the sidewalk to and from school at all times. Bicyclists always yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

Vehicular Routes for Parents at School

Morning Drop-Off:

Supervisors are on the horseshoe to open car doors and assist children with leaving the cars.

Parents should NOT leave their cars. They should stay in the driver’s seat to keep traffic moving. The horseshoe is a “kiss and go” lane for dropping off students only.

You may NOT park in the horseshoe lane or SIT AND WAIT for your child to walk to the playground. If you need to wait and watch your child, please park in the diagonal parking area and walk up with your child.

Please plan to arrive by 8:20 a.m.. Our supervisors need to leave their posts at 8:25 a.m. to be with their
students. There will be NO supervisors to assist your children after 8:25 a.m.. Students arriving after
8:25 a.m. should go in through the front door and check in at the office.

During the School Day:


If you drive, you must use the horseshoe lane for the safety of everyone. The traffic moves quickly and the area is closely monitored. Children will not be allowed to walk to the corner of the parking lot to meet parents.

If you drive to meet your child, you must park in the diagonal parking along Laburnum or on the street, NOT IN THE SOUTH PARKING LOT, and use the sidewalk to return to your car. If you walk to school to meet your child use the sidewalk when walking to your crossing point. If you are crossing Laburnum please cross at a crossing guard.

DO NOT walk through the temporary parking area or across the horseshoe lane. The safest


At dismissal time, you must enter going southbound. You can only turn RIGHT into the horseshoe lane. NO LEFT TURNS ARE ALLOWED.

Please pull up to the curb. Children should exit and enter the car ON THE CURB SIDE ONLY! Do not have your child come around to the traffic side of your car to enter. THE SIDEWALKS WERE INSTALLED TO ASSURE THE CHILDREN’S SAFETY!

Do not leave your car when you are waiting for your child. It is important for you to help your child learn how to secure their seat belt on their own. If you need to assist your child in putting on their seat belt, you should pull into a parking spot. Supervisors are outside for the safe dismissal of students. They will not buckle students into their seats.

Once your children have been secured in the car, please wait until the car in front of you moves instead of pulling out and around. Remember, only right turns out of the horseshoe lane. NO LEFT TURNS ARE ALLOWED! Watch for students and parents walking when pulling out of the parking lot.

Walk Routes:

Throughout the school year, some students walk to and from school. Students should exercise extreme caution and cross heavily traveled intersections only where controlled by stop lights or crossing guards. On occasion, sidewalks may not be able to be cleared. Parents are asked to transport their children or make special travel arrangements with neighbors or classmates if they feel their child’s safety is or may be impaired due to inclement weather.