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Visitors are asked to observe the following procedures when they visit any of our schools.

  1. ALL persons who visit the school must sign in at the school office. Visitors will be asked to sign in and provide a picture id in exchange for a visitors badge. Visitors must return to the office and sign out before leaving the building and to obtain their picture id. In respect for the learning environment, all cell phones should be muted. Cell phone usage is not permitted in the building. Anyone needing to use a cell phone is asked to do so outside the building.

  2. Visitor badges are issued during school hours. The visitor badge must be worn so it is visible at all times. This is an important component in our overall safety plan and will be strictly enforced.

  3. On occasion, school age relatives or friends of students visit our families. School age children who are not registered as students in Northbrook District 27 may NOT visit our schools during the school day. Parents are asked to make provisions for such visitors outside of the school setting.