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Student Records

Two types of records are maintained for each student:

  1. Permanent records are kept in the school office and contain identifying information, grade, transcripts, attendance records, physical examination and immunization records. Permanent records are maintained indefinitely by the school district.

  2. Temporary records are kept in the school office and contain standardized test results, master test results, progress reports, parent/staff communications, and information regarding serious disciplinary infractions. If a student has had individual testing, a satellite temporary record is maintained at the district office. Temporary records are maintained for a minimum of five years after the student ceases enrollment in the district and/or ceases enrollment in a support of special education program.

For information regarding the release of student records to parties other than parents/guardians, please refer to the Rules of Conduct Handbook.

Parents may examine their child’s records by contacting the principal for an appointment. Parents may request that a change in their child’s records be considered; additional procedural and parental rights information related to such a request may be obtained by calling the district office.