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Leaving the School During the Day

Healthy children should be in school all day, every day. However, if it is necessary for a student to leave the school during the day, parents should follow these procedures:

  1. If the child is required to leave the school, they must be signed out in the office by the parent, guardian, or person who has been authorized by the parent. Only then will the office call the classroom or the child to come to the office. No teacher may dismiss a child from his/her classroom without first receiving the appropriate notice from the office. For the safety of all our children, school personnel have been instructed to ask to see identification of any person who is not known to the staff.

  2. No child may sign out and leave the school on their own. He/She must be signed out by a parent, guardian, or person who has been authorized by the parent to to take the child out of school.

  3. If a child is to be picked up at school during the time that he/she may be on the playground for recess (including the lunch hour), the adult must sign the child out at the office and wait for the child to come to the office. Under no circumstances may an adult who is not a staff member approach the playground area. Should this occur, supervisors will notify the office immediately and appropriate action will be taken.