Good discipline is considered to be a function of a well-managed classroom. In most instances discipline is a matter between teacher, student and parent. However, the School District has established a comprehensive discipline policy with the involvement of parents, teachers, Board of Education members and administrators. This policy along with the rights and responsibilities of students is published in the “Rules of Conduct” handbook available online. Parents or guardians are expected to review the rules and regulations and discipline policies governing students with their children. Refer to the “Rules of Conduct ” posted online through the District 27 web page.

Within fifteen (15) days of the opening of each school year, the School District will provide all students and parents or guardians of students enrolled in the School District with a copy of the student rules and regulations and discipline policies governing students. If a student enrolls subsequent to the beginning of the school year, a copy of the rules and regulations will be provided to the student and parent or guardian within fifteen (15) days of the student’s enrollment.

Rights and Responsibilities

Students, teachers, administrators and parents must work together to promote a healthy and productive learning climate. A solid partnership between the home and the school is important for the well being of the student.

We believe each student has the right:

  • To live and learn in a school environment that is conductive to learning.
  • To physical and emotional safety.
  • To be recognized as an individual and be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To take a risk, accept responsibility for the action, and learn from the experience.
  • To due process with fact finding.
  • To pride and ownership in the school.
  • To discipline that is developmentally appropriate.
  • To consistent attention to the rules and consequences by staff, administration and Board.

We believe the teachers, administration and Board have the responsibility to communicate and work cooperatively with parents regarding student school behavior, but it is recognized that the school has the responsibility to take appropriate measures to assure order and the safety of students and staff.

Personal Appearance

Students are expected to dress appropriately and exercise good personal hygiene in respect to their daily appearance. Please remember shirts should cover the midriff and be of the appropriate length during warm weather months. School officials may regulate dress and hairstyles when such styles present a health or safety hazard or a disruption to the educational program.

Appropriate Language

Students are expected to exercise good taste in the manner in which they address each other and their teachers in both written and oral communication. Vulgarities and disrespectful language will not be tolerated, and students who use this type of language will be subject to disciplinary action.