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An Overview

Happy Fall! It has been such a pleasure to be here at Hickory Point as the new school librarian, and I could not be more grateful to be joining such a wonderful community. During this first month of school together, we have been spending most of our time getting to know one another and enjoying shared reading experiences. We have also been working on establishing routines and expectations to set us up for a great year ahead. Through interactive learning experiences, grade levels have also been working on the following:
  • Kindergarten: identifying the parts of a book and understanding the purpose of each part (title, author, illustrator, front and back covers, spine, title page)
  • First Grade: recognizing and describing the difference between fiction and nonfiction texts and identifying their distinguishing features
  • Second Grade: understanding the importance of how and why books are organized in the library with the help of shelf markers
In kindergarten technology, students have been learning various educational apps on the iPad as well as basic iPad navigation.
Reading area in the library

Other Notes

  • We would like to say THANK YOU to all of the parent volunteers who have come in to help out in the library through the PTA Library Volunteer committee!
  • Please help your child to be responsible for his/her books by designating a special place in your home to keep them. Likewise, please remind your child to return their books on time without simply doing it for them.
  • While we greatly appreciate your help with maintaining the condition of our library books, please refrain from repairing damaged books at home. It is most helpful if you inform us of any damage (rips, tears, writing) found in the books so that we can properly repair them at school.
  • Please help your child to remember to bring a sweatshirt or jacket on their library day, as it tends to be chilly in the library.

Coming Up...

  • Parent-teacher conferences are coming up on October 16th-17th. I will be available in the library during conferences, so please feel free to stop by!
  • We are excited to share that we will be hosting author and illustrator Eric Rohmann in November. More information about book ordering for this special event coming soon!
  • Save the date for the first PTA-sponsored book fair of the year, scheduled for Monday, November 4th.
Library bookshelves


  • To start the year, all students have been checking out one book at a time. After consistently showing that they are responsible for one book, students in first and second grade will be able to check out two books starting in early October. Students in kindergarten will be able to check out a second book in the near future.
  • All students also started the year choosing books from book carts while we took time to teach and review our expectations and processes. Second graders are now checking out from the shelves, with first graders soon to follow. Kindergarten classes will be exposed to the layout and organization of the library shelves later this year.
  • To ensure that we have enough to go around, grade levels will also start taking turns checking out materials from our special collections, including pop-up books, playaways, VOX books, 3-D books and magazines.

Collaborative Mosaic Sticker Poster

To help build a sense of community and motivate students to return their books on time, students in all grade levels are working together to complete a mystery mosaic sticker poster in the library. For every book that is returned on time, one sticker will be earned and added to the poster. Every sticker helps us get closer to the big reveal...what will it be? Here is a sneak peek of our progress so far:
Mosaic Sticker poster

Contact Us

Librarian, Maya Munson and Librarian Assistant Mrs. Drakoploulos stand together for a picture
Mrs. Drakopoulos & Ms. Munson
We are happy to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us! (847) 498-3830, ext. 3342