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Library (photos and author visit photos)

November in the library was one celebration of reading after another.  It was so nice to talk books with so many of you during the book fair.  I was fortunate to present about books for Opening Windows to Our World with the other District 27 librarians at the annual Association of Illinois School Librarian Educators conference.

Author Carolyn Crimi got our students thinking about finding story ideas everywhere including the calendar and many took that to heart and started writing when they got home.  We composed wonderful thank you notes to her.  In honor of Carolyn Crimi’s visit, we had Lucky Reader prize books to give to a few students in each class.  We encouraged family reading that led to some wonderful photos we are enjoying of past, present, and future Hickory Point students reading together.

Second graders enjoyed historical fiction while kindergarten and first graders began a folklore unit.  We were also busy with fiction and nonfiction activities.  First graders are learning about library organization (everyone readers, picture books, nonfiction, and biographies).  Second graders have begun learning about call numbers through Cynthia Rylant books.  Both grades drew maps of the library to help make these connections.

First graders are thrilled to start checking out pop-ups, PlayAways, and VOX books.  Kindergarteners have enjoyed nursery rhyme activities and songs and hearing Monarch books.


Kindergarten Tech (photos)

Kindergarten students spent time in Wixie drawing Thanksgiving turkeys, characters from their favorite Carolyn Crime book, and learned numbers and letter games.  They also started typing their names in text boxes in Wixie and a beginning keyboarding game.


I hope that see the joy of the students in the photos of the library, author visit, and computers.

Library (photos)

The students are so excited about author Carolyn Crimi’s visit on Tuesday, November 6th.  We have been reading her books, discussing them, and enjoying learning about her.  Her fiction stories have us chuckling. 

We will be celebrating reading all week long with Lucky Reader prize books, the book fair, and extra books to check out.

Reading Takes You Everywhere

November 15th is an Illinois Family Reading Night sponsored by Jesse White, State Librarian. We encourage District 27 families to read together sometime during that week. Photos of families reading together will be displayed in the school libraries. If you would like to share a photo of your family reading, email it to your school librarian(s). Here are some ideas of where, how, and what could you read.

Monarch Books

Students have been taking turns checking out the Monarch Award nominated books.  All the students have had their first turn and we are now taking second turns.

Genre of the Month

In October, the genre of the month was mystery. We encouraged students to check them out!  The genre for November is historical fiction--a nice tie in with the Thanksgiving holiday.

Please enjoy the photos from the library in October and see the student’s excitement.

Kindergarten Tech  (photos)

In October, Kindergarten students learned the Chrome books.  We started with typing usernames and passwords.  The combination of a touch screen and lower case letters on the keys has enabled students to make fast progress.  They also learned the backspace and shift keys.  We have started learning letter games in ABCYa and drawing tools in Wixie.  Students created pumpkins and sorted stickers with their five senses knowledge in Wixie.  Please enjoy the photos.

Library (photos)

Have we been busy in the library!  We have been BARRKing up a storm.  Students have been respectful, responsible, and kind in the library.  We have talked about taking care of library books and bringing them back for other students to enjoy reading.  Students have been eagerly checking out books that interest them and include the Monarch books and books by our author who will be visiting Hickory Point.  Please enjoy the photos.

First graders and second graders have had lessons in finding a “just right” book.  Please ask them about the five finger rule.

2019 Monarch Award nominated books

Each year students in grades K-3 in Illinois get to vote for their favorite Monarch book.  The Monarch Award is given to the book which receives the most votes.  This is truly a children’s choice award.  Voting takes place in February.  Every year twenty books are selected based on their appeal to K-3 students and a variety of fiction and nonfiction choices.  For more information, visit  Our students have started taking turns checking out the Monarch books.

Author Visit

We are fortunate to have author Carolyn Crimi coming to visit Hickory Point on Tuesday, November 6th. Soon the Book Bin flyer will go home with students.  If your family decides to send in a book written by Carolyn Crimi for her to sign, please include the form with your student(s)’ name and homeroom.  We will hold the books in the library until her visit.

It has been very exciting to share our reading experiences as students talk about all the great places they are finding the Monarch books and getting ready for the author visit.

Genre of the Month

In September, the genre of the month for second graders was realistic fiction.


Kindergarten Tech (photos)

Kindergarten students have learned many useful tips and apps on the iPads each week. We learned drawing, math, letters, and pattern matching apps.  The students were excited to learn them and then spend more time with them in the classroom.