Welcome to the Hickory Point library! We take pride in the fact that the library is located in the center, or heart, of the building. It is our library, a place for community. We strive to ensure that it's an exciting and welcoming place for all Bulldogs, students and staff. It is a place to celebrate reading, growing, and exploring together. I am delighted to welcome students back into the library this year.

It is my goal to work in partnership with classroom teachers to get kids excited about books! Throughout their time at Hickory Point, students will learn to value books, reading, and libraries. All the while, they will be encouraged to develop a  growth mindset and to become responsible library patrons. During library lessons, students will be exposed to a wide range of genres and will have opportunities to read and explore for a variety of purposes as they develop important skills and discover their own reading preferences. I am thrilled to be a part of Hickory Point to be able to share my passion for books and reading with District 27’s youngest learners. Here’s to a new year in the library!

Library Resources - Axis360

What is Axis 360? Axis 360 a digital source managed by the Northbrook Public Library. Axis 360 allows District 27 students the ability to browse, checkout, read, and listen to books on a phone or computer with ease. If you have difficulty with checkout or return, please contact the Northbrook Public Library.

Hickory Point Axis360 to My Library - All Students will login with their NB27 credentials.

How to login, checkout, and check in a book with Axis360 (PDF)

Read a Book in Axis360 (PDF)


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