Welcome Letter from Principal

Dear Hickory Point Parent and Students,

Welcome to Hickory Point School. Our school is a wonderful place for young children to grow and learn, and I am proud to be part of this award winning and nurturing school community. 

Our school serves about 400 children from preschool through second grade. Hickory Point focuses on the social, emotional and academic development of the students. Childhood is such a magical time of rapid growth and development. Young learners are curious, motivated, and engaged. The early grades provide the building blocks to help students take their first steps toward establishing the social, emotional and academic competencies to become successful learners.

Students are encouraged to be self-motivated, responsible, curious, open-minded and hard working. The Hickory Point staff consists of more than 45 dedicated, highly qualified, committed and caring professionals. The staff is devoted to creating a warm and nurturing environment that meets the needs of all children and helps them to become successful and responsible lifelong learners. I am excited to partner with and support the staff to ensure that each child learns and grows to his/her potential. Hickory Point exemplifies all of the components of a successful and caring learning environment.

Our PTA is an integral component of the school. Through countless volunteer hours, the parent membership helps support a variety of programs and activities, including parties and various after school activities. These enrichment activities have a significant positive impact on the educational experiences of our children, and we greatly appreciate our PTA’s efforts.

This web site holds much of the information you will need to get to know Hickory Point School and all that makes this a special place to learn. If you would like more information about Hickory Point, you may reach me via email at deely.m@nb27.org, or phone: 847- 498-3830. I look forward to getting to know your children and you. 

For your children,

Dr. Maureen Deely
Maureen Deely, Principal at Hickory Point

Maureen Deely, Ed.D.