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Hickory Point Newsletter about E- Learning

Dear Hickory Point Parents, 

You've been inundated with information over the last few days, and we wanted to make sure that you had an opportunity to review this communication, as it contains details regarding our E-learning plan for your children next week. In preparation for an extended closure of our schools, we are providing information about our E-Learning Plan. Our goal is to provide learning experiences for all our students that keep them engaged and thinking. To the extent possible, we are using learning activities within our curriculum. For units of study that are not particularly conducive to e-learning, we are developing alternative lessons. 

Once we deploy our E-Learning Plan, each day your child’s classroom teacher will send out an announcement via Canvas with directions and a link to the grade level E-Learning Plan, which will be a Google slide deck. Every classroom teacher within the grade level will use the same slide deck to ensure consistent learning experiences for all our students. The very first announcement (Monday, March 16) will be sent out at 10 am. Thereafter, the daily Canvas E-Learning Plan announcement will be sent out at 6 am each day. The E-Learning Plan information and links will be viewable via email announcement sent through Canvas. You will not need to log into Canvas to access the information.

Our daily E-Learning Plans will include learning experiences that address reading/writing, math, PE, art, and music. Either social studies or science will be included in the daily plan. Directions to the learning plans and some of the activities will require access to a device. To ensure that all students are able to access our E-Learning Plans, we ask parents to complete the K-5 Device Access Survey for each child in K-5. Dr. Kroeze referenced this survey in his communication to parents on Friday. The other survey he referenced (Spring Break Travel Survey) was sent to parents on Friday.

To make the implementation of the plan at home as manageable as possible, we sent students home with their username/password sheet for electronic applications and the following print resources:

  • Kindergarten

    • Math Expressions Student Activity Book (must be brought back to school upon return)

    • Book Bag (includes 5 books - must be brought back to school upon return)

  • Grade 1

    • Math Expressions Student Activity Book (must be brought back to school upon return) 

    • Book Bag (includes 5 books - must be brought back to school upon return)

  • Grade 2

    • Math Expressions Student Activity Book (must be brought back to school upon return) 

    • Math Expressions Homework and Remembering Book (must be brought back to school upon return)

    • Scott Foresman Reading Street Common Core 2.2 student text (must be brought back to school upon return)

A variety of links and resources including access to Canvas, D27Google Drive, etc. are included on our website.  

Please be aware that the teachers will be working remotely and will not have access to District telephone lines. If you need to communicate with the teacher, email is the mode of communication. Teachers will be working with many students, immediate responses will not always be possible. Many of our teachers also have children that will have their own E-Learning days. Students and parents should understand that teachers are only expected to respond during regular school hours of 8:25 am - 3:00 pm. They will respond to student requests for assistance in the same order in which they came in and in as timely of a fashion as they are able.   

For each of the e-learning days, your child will be expected to complete an “Exit Slip” to let the teacher know what was worked on that day. In addition to being a communication tool between the teacher and student, it will serve as a means for taking attendance for participation in e-learning. Teachers will be providing feedback to students on the daily Exit Slip within 24 hours unless there are extenuating circumstances.

We know many of you are not educators, and we deeply appreciate the supportive role you will assume to facilitate your child’s learning. We ask you to do the best you can under these challenging circumstances and encourage you to adjust learning plans as needed based on your individual child. Your child may not be able to sustain engagement throughout all of the work outlined in the E-Learning Plan. You are with your child and know what your child can handle. If you need to prioritize assignments/subjects based on your child’s needs, you have that freedom. Additionally, our daily plans will include directions for accommodations for students with individualized education plans. Service providers will be communicating with your child via the Exit Slips. For students with a full replacement curriculum, your child’s service provider will reach out to you directly.

We are in the midst of highly unusual times. We appreciate your support, flexibility, and understanding. As you know, this is our first time implementing e-learning. Thus, we ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new learning model. 


Maureen Deely and Meggan Buchanan