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Hickory Point Happenings Week 26

Hickory Point Happenings

Week 26- March 4,  2019

In this edition:

  • PBIS update

  • Important date

PBIS update

Students and staff who feel supported are more likely to achieve at a higher level. The three most important components of a positive and safe environment are a well-articulated code of conduct, connectedness and high levels of engagement. Research shows Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a researched based tool for supporting social, emotional and academic outcomes in school. This system promotes an improved school climate.

Creating a positive and safe environment starts with a well-articulated school-wide positive behavior system. This system encourages positive and appropriate student behaviors. The school-wide leadership team, including the principal, develops a plan for teaching and modeling the expectations.These are clearly posted and visible in all areas of the school. In addition, restorative practices are created for students who need reminders to make positive behavioral choices. An effective school-wide positive behavior system is clearly understood by all stakeholders and responsive to the needs of students and staff.

A second component of a safe and positive environment is connectedness. Belonging is a human need. Connectedness is essential to developing emotional well-being. Staff and students need to see their importance in the environment and accept their similarities and differences. They need to see themselves as members of something bigger and feel a sense of purpose. Staff and students who feel valued have the persistence to cope with difficult and challenging situations because they are willing to take risks. Students with a sense of belonging are competent, connected and respected. An environment that promotes positive recognition and social emotional health has the capacity to create high levels of engagement.

Engagement is a fundamental component of a safe and positive environment. When a  well-established code of conduct is implemented with integrity, students understand the expectations. A school that is responsive to unique needs of staff and students empowers educators to create an engaging and positive learning environment. Staff have the capacity to create high level learning opportunities and see positive results. Everyone feels effective, valued and respected. This engaging and safe environment supports all students and staff. A code of conduct, connectedness and high levels of engagement improves staff outcomes, student achievement and creates a positive school climate. Hickory Point is successfully implementing PBIS this year. We are thrilled with the staff and student support, engagement and progress. We will be hosting an all school celebration on March 8.

Important date

School is not in session on March 4th- Teacher Institute Day