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Hickory Point Happenings May 8, 2020

May 8, 2020

In this edition:

  • Virtual Recess

  • Incoming Third Grade Shabonee Parents (Second posting)

  • Picking up student materials

  • Technology update

Virtual Recess

You may have noticed a new “virtual recess” slide in the slide deck this week. This is completely optional for students and provides them time to interact with their peers. Virtual recess will take place daily in each grade from 2:00-2:30 and 2:30-3:00. Some of the activities include show and tell, freeze dance, legos, and Simon says. We hope your child enjoys this time to “play” with peers.

Attention Incoming 3rd Grade Parents (final posting)

The Shabonee PTA is excited to welcome you and your child to Shabonee in the fall! As a convenience to you, Shabonee PTA organizes school supply kits that you can order online and have delivered to your child’s classroom in lieu of heading to the store and purchasing supplies on your own. A great time and money saver!

Please see the below image for details on how to submit your order, and HERE is an additional video outlining information about EPI, our school supplies vendor, and the overall process.


For any questions, please contact Apryl Schlueter at Enjoy your final weeks of being a Hickory Point Bulldog, and I hope you are continuing to be safe and healthy during these unusual times!

Ordering Information

Order Deadline: June 9, 2020


School ID: SHA082


Student Material Pick Up Process- May 14 and May 15

Dear Hickory Point Parents, 

Our wonderful custodial staff has been organizing all student materials and art projects over the past few weeks. We now have the materials ready to be picked up. We ask that you follow the process listed below:

  • Please place a sign in your car window with your child’s name and his/her teacher's name. 

  • Please pull up one at a time in the horseshoe (normal place for car arrival and pick up.)

  • Wait in the line until you reach the designated pick up area. 

  • Staff will need 30 seconds to locate your child’s materials.

  • Roll down your passenger side window and staff will hand you the bag with your child's materials. 

  • If for some reason you can not make the assigned date and time, we will offer additional times in the near future.

  • We will only have the materials for the two classes assigned at the designated time slot available. 

  • The schedule is outlined below.  




Time slot

May 14

Ms. Donovan and Ms. Gothelf

9:00 AM


Mrs. Petrenko and Mrs. Posey

9:45 AM


Ms. Spangler and Mrs. Bishop

10:30 AM


Mrs. Wilutis and Ms. Reed

11:30 AM


Ms. Quick and Mrs. Harrington

12:45 AM


Mrs. Foster and Ms. Ladopolous

1:30 PM


Ms. Kazmarek and Ms. Smith

2:15 PM


May 15

Mrs. Kelmis and Mrs. Kamp

9:00 AM


Mrs. Gerster and Mrs. Paseka

9:45 AM


Mrs. Pietroske and Mrs. Walker

10:30 AM


Ms. O'Connor

11:30 AM

Thank you and continued Technology support 

Dear Hickory Point Parents, 

As we wrap up Teacher Appreciation Week and get close to the end of this school year, the Technology Team wishes to express its sincerest appreciation to all of the NB27 teachers/staff who have broadened their use of technology to make it possible to continue to educate NB27 students.  The Technology Team also sends its utmost appreciation and gratitude to the "at-home" teachers - NB27 Parents - who have assisted their children with all of the new E-Learning lessons that have been presented to them.  Please be assured that the district Technology Team will continue to provide support to students throughout the summer by posting updated guidelines and information documents on the E-Learning Support web page. If specific technology assistance is needed, please don't hesitate to submit a Technology Support Request.  In addition, as we continue our E-Learning, if your family needs to borrow an NB27 device, please submit an NB27 E-Learning Device Request Form.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Bulldogs moms. Enjoy your special day!