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Hickory Point Happenings April 1, 2021

In this edition:

  • Erin’s Law

  • Arrival and dismissal procedure changes on April 5

  • Important dates

Erin’s Law

In compliance with State law, a program on child sexual abuse awareness and prevention will be presented to children in District 27. Hickory Point students will participate in the program on Friday, April 16, 2021. The presentations will be made by Childhood Victories, a local agency that provides age-appropriate sexual abuse education and prevention.

The program is being scheduled in response to Erin’s Law, a State law requiring that all public schools implement a sexual abuse awareness and prevention curriculum for grades K-12. The presentations by Childhood Victories will cover the following topics, by grade level:

Hickory Point K-2 

  • Safe touch, unsafe touch, confusing touches

  • Private body parts (parts of the body covered by a bathing suit)

  • Touching rule

  • Three safety step rules

  • Good and bad secrets

Shabonee 3-5 

  • Safe touch, unsafe touch, confusing touches

  • Saying “no” to unwanted touches

  • Safety steps

  • Private body parts

  • Touching rule

  • Secrets

Wood Oaks 6-8

  • Child sexual abuse (explanations and myths/facts)

  • Empowerment

  • How to say “no”

  • Who to tell

For additional information about Erin’s Law, please visit

These presentations are designed to empower and educate children in a developmentally appropriate, child-friendly manner. If you do not wish for your child to participate in this program, please email Hickory Point Principal, Mrs. Deely,  before April 10, 2021, informing her of your request to have your child excluded from the Erin’s Law presentation. A confirmation acknowledgment of your request will be sent.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures for First and Second Grade Changes Starting April 5

Dear Hickory Point Parents,

Safety is a top priority. Arrival and dismissal are a 20-minute process. Please be patient. Here is the process: 

Arrival Process 

First and Second grade students enter the building through Door A, Door B, Door C, or Door H beginning at 8:00 am. We have moved up the entry time to accommodate all of our students.  Students will scan their identification to verify the parent has self-certified their child is symptom-free. There will be a temperature check as well. Students will walk to their designated waiting area and sit three feet apart until the bell rings.  At 8:25 am, the first bell rings. The staff escorts the children into the classroom.

The main entrance  (Door A) is the walk-up entrance. Parents park on the side streets perpendicular or adjacent to Laburnum and walk to the front door each morning beginning at 8:00 am.  Please give them a kiss and say goodbye at the door. 

Students exiting the bus will enter the building from Doors B and C.  

Parents dropping off by car will enter the school parking lot from Laburnum and follow the designated one-way road around the horseshoe to the designated entrance Door H. There will now be two lanes for cars to alleviate the traffic on Laburnum. Staff will direct the cars to merge into one lane as they approach the building. There is no parking in the diagonal spots. Parents remain in the car and staff will escort the student to the temperature check area. Please see the below aerial map of Hickory Point to help clearly explain the process. 


Dismissal Process:

Teachers will implement a staggered dismissal process to limit the number of students in the hallway. Teachers will walk their children to their going home locations. Students exit the building through 3 locations.

First and Second grade 

  • “WALK UP” pick-up line: Students will wait in the first grade hallway and be dismissed when parents get to Door G. (Parents park their car on the side streets and walk to the back of the school and wait by the door.)

  • "CAR" pick up: Students will wait inside the foyer of Door H. Please enter the parking lot from Laburnum and drive into the horseshoe. There will now be two lanes for cars to alleviate the traffic on Laburnum. Staff will direct the cars to merge into one lane.  There is no parking in the diagonal spots. Cars wait in a line in the horseshoe and students exit Door H when the car is within the designated pick-up area. Staff will escort your child to your car.  

  • All BUS riders and after-school YMCA : Teachers will walk their bus and YMCA  riders into the gym. We will practice social distancing. Students will be seated six feet apart from each other, facing forward, in their designated bus lines. The staff will escort students to board the bus.

  • ADVENTURE CAMP - Hickory Point Staff supervises students attending Adventure Camp until the Adventure Campus staff arrives. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Important dates

Friday, April 2         District Holiday - No School

Tuesday, April 6     Hickory Point First and Second grade synchronous  

                               learning day- Voting at HP. HP closed for students.                                                                                                       (Kindergarten students in person)

Monday, April 12   Second grade students attend in-person

                              remote students return

Friday, April 23     Teachers’ Institute - No School