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Weather and Recess

While Fall is still officially here a little while longer, the cold weather and snow is upon us. Children are encouraged to wear layers for the variety of activities that take place throughout the day. To alleviate missing winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves, etc., please label your child’s garments with his/her name. It’s really incredible how many missing items pile up so quickly!  The lost and found will be donated or thrown away at the winter break. Encourage your child to check the items in the coming weeks if missing something. Children must be dressed in snow gear to play in the snow at recess. This ensures they stay both warm and dry. As a reminder, we go outside for recess unless:

  1. Temperature is below 15 degrees
  2. Heavy new snow of three inches or more
  3. Rain, regardless of the amount
  4. The temperature, when combined with the wind speed, produces a wind chill of 10 degrees or below

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