Thank You!

Thank You!

Dear Hickory Point Parents,

We continue to be amazed by all of your support and partnership.  We know this year presented all of us with many challenges.  We know it was a challenging year for our young students. They have persevered and learned so much. We are so proud of them.  

We appreciate your open and honest communication and willingness to support our work. Please know how grateful we are for your partnership. We are sad to say goodbye to our second grade students. We wish them luck as they become Shabonee Dolphins. We will miss them. They are an extraordinary group of children.

Also, we have many staff who supported our students who will be leaving Hickory Point. We thank them for their service and dedication to our school community: We wish them well in their new endeavor. Please join us in recognizing the following staff: Ms. Kiera Abramson, Ms. Anayeli Borjas, Mrs. Kelly Curin, Ms. Una Ikanovic, Mrs. Alison Kingsley, Mrs. Mara Lovisetto, Mrs. Jennifer Massarelli, Ms.Kelly McDermott, Ms.Jordan McElligott, Mrs. Leah Molay, Ms. Maya Munson, Ms. Michelle Myers, Ms. Violetta Sokorska,  Mr. Alex Straczek, Mrs. Debbie Simon and Mr. Ben Zimmerman. All of these staff members contributed to our success this year. Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog. 

We wish you a summer full of memories, relaxation, and cherished moments with your children.  We will see our Bulldogs in August. The first day of school for 2021-2022 is August 19, 2021. Until that time, be well. 


Maureen Deely and Meggan Buchanan