Hickory Point News

Bus Expectations

We are writing to request your assistance with reminding your child to follow the rules and procedures on the bus. While many students are following the rules, other students are having difficulty following the rules. We all need to work together and reinforce the bus expectations, as riding the bus is a privilege for all of our students. All of our students registered for the bus have received this letter. This letter does not indicate that your child has had difficulty but serves as a reminder to reinforce our bus expectations. We have assigned seats to the children. Also, we have spoken to them to remind them of our expectations. Please discuss the following rules and procedures from the Hickory Point Handbook with your child:

All parents and students should follow the following procedures.

1. Be at your stop 5 minutes early. Stay back until the bus comes to a stop. When you board the bus, scan your student ID badge, move to your seat, and remain there until you get off. Do not kneel or stand in the seat and keep the aisles clear of arms, legs, and backpacks. No food or drinks are allowed on the bus.

2. Your bus driver will give you specific directions for boarding and getting off of the bus. Follow those instructions each day. Our goal is to have an accident-free experience. Also, keep in mind that riding the bus is a privilege that you do not want to lose.

  1. When exiting the bus, stay in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop and exit single file. 

  2. If your bus stop is across the street, wait for the driver to signal you to cross the street and cross in front of the bus to the other side of the street. The driver will keep the safety arm out until you are across the street.

3. The driver is in charge and is to be shown respect and courtesy at all times. Be alert for special instructions and keep hands and arms inside the bus at all times. Loud or unnecessary noise is not appropriate and will not be tolerated. 

4. The school is very concerned with safety and behavior on school buses. When discipline problems occur, the safety of all passengers is jeopardized. Safety rules are reviewed at the beginning of each school year, and bus evacuation drills are held. Should problems occur, the following procedures will be used:

A. The bus driver will try to correct student behavior that is not appropriate. It is the students’ responsibility to accept the driver as the one in charge.

B. For a second offense, contact will be made with the principal, and a letter will be sent to the parents.

C. A third offense will bring a suspension of riding privilege for up to five days and a telephone conference with parents.

D. A fourth violation will require a further suspension of riding privileges and a conference with all parties.

E. The principal reserves the right to suspend riding privileges immediately, should the student behavior warrant it.

Please remind and reinforce these rules and procedures for your child.  We appreciate your support.