Hickory Point News

Happy Birthday!

Even though we aren't in school, we would still like to wish the following students a Happy Birthday!

March 16
Maya A.
Owen C.
March 20
Sadie F.
March 21
Mia B.
Ava G.
Lindy S.
March 22
Andrew C.
Christian D.
Violet W.
March 23
Jillien S.
March 25
Dylan Y.
March 26
Noah P.
March 27
Evan Y.
March 28
Ari J.
March 30
Aiden K.
Dimitre M.
April 2
Ted B.
April 3
Jonathan K.
April 4
Cameron R.
Idermurun T.
Charlotte V.
April 5
Audrey K.
Shail P.