Dr. Kroeze sits with first grade class showing off badges

Official Word Detectives

First graders in Ms. Kaz's class show off their "official" Word Detective badges. Joining them is Superintendent Dr. David Kroeze, who passed out the badges to the students.

Dr. Kroeze hands out the badges to two students

Dr. Kroeze hands out the badges to students in Mrs. Foster's class. First graders have been learning strategies to help them figure out tricky words. Once five "missions" were completed, they became Word Detectives!

Kids watching in awe at assembly presenter

Having Fun with Good Character

Students watch as Tim Hanning performs his energetic "ProKids Show" during an assembly.

Students hold signs that spell HONESTY

Mr. Hanning used humor and songs during the assembly to encourage good character traits. Here, the students used signs to spell HONESTY.

Two kids hold up Yes and No signs, while Hanning and a teacher look on.

Mr. Hanning's show also included audience participation, magic and a lot of laughter.

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